Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Getting Back to Normal

Happy 2007! Time to get back to normal. No more Christmas cookie suppers, no more pj days, no more family naps. It was sure fun while it lasted. We got all the Christmas stuff put away yesterday, so it is officially over I guess! I usually like to leave Christmas up as long as possible, but this year it felt like it was just hanging over my head. So I figured I might as well take it all down while my hubby was here to help! Now the house seems cold and boring...the Winter blahs! Don't you hate that? Makes me want to paint my living room orange or something. But I won't, cause I'm lazy!

I have been getting a lot of crafting done lately. I made this cute bag yesterday for a friend of mine's little girl. I adore this fabric! The handles are not how I wanted them to turn out. They should be shorter and narrower. I started with just a 3" wide piece that I sewed into a tube to make the handle, but the fabric is such a heavy weight that I couldn't turn them right side out, so I had to redo it with a 4" piece. And second time around I didn't pay much attention to the length I guess. Anyway, I think it's still pretty cute. I really like the big red button as the closure. I crocheted a little chain for the loop and it was done! I also made a matchbook notebook to coordinate and stuck some golfer pencils in the pocket. I love those little short golfer pencils. They are the perfect size for little hands. Here is a view of the inside.

Teresa has started a new blog for the Christmas in Progress Challenge. Check it out here and e-mail her your list if your in! I hope you are! I am pretty excited about my list...some new stuff I am looking forward to learning about. I tried to be a little secretive about who the gifts are for, but the majority of the people won't be out here to peak, so I think I'm safe.

Have a great second day of the year!


amandajean said...

hey, what's wrong with Christmas cookie suppers? those are my favorite kind! I laughed several times when I read your post. I have been wanting to paint various rooms in my house as well but I have the lazy bug, too.
The little purse turned out cute. Isn't it fun to make those relatively instant gratification projects? And you crocheted a chain for the closure? That is a great idea. I'll have to try to remember that. Happy New Year! May it be a very crafty one. :)

I checked out your list...pretty ambitious!

Vallen said...

I love thie handles. That was the first thing I noticed. I am handle-challenged so believe I know a good handle when I see one.

Linda said...

The little purse is really cute. Can't wait to get back into the swing of crafting!

becki said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's great to hear that you are from Fargo. It's funny how I've been to every state around me but ND. I have to make it there sometime. I agree with you on the hunting and the coyotes, but I guess since we have crafting and sewing they can have that :) I LOVE the little hand bag you made. So darling!! Awesome tip about crocheted chain for the loop too! I sometimes buy those elastic hair bands and use them when the color works. The elastic is great when it comes to hooking it on the button! Thanks again for stopping by. I plan to add your blog to my list. Happy crafting!!