Monday, January 29, 2007

Mini Wool Tote Bag

Hope you all had a great weekend! Our family survived the home improvement projects, thank goodness. We now have 6 much needed recessed lights in our family room. Unfortunately we have 8 more to go! I am so thankful for my husband, he does a great job with this kind of stuff and only complains a little! He's been trying to work in the family room in the evening, but the lighting was so poor it was almost impossible. So, I didn't have to nag too much to get him to finally do the project. Only bad thing is that we are going to have to paint the ceiling now. I hate painting ceilings!

I had plans to meet up with my very good friend Wendy this weekend, but she had a death in her family and could't make it. I decided I should probably just mail her the Christmas gift I made her, since its almost Valentine's Day! So, I thought I would show it to you first! And, Wendy if you're out there, here is a little sneak peek of your gift.

I made this mini tote bag from the wool scarf you see at the right and a really dark wash denim.

The inside lining is a red paisley cotton.

Hope she likes it!

I've also been working on my brooch for Little Lovelies brooch swap. This is my first ever swap, and I am kind of nervous! I'll have to wait to show you of course so Beth is surprised!


becki said...

What a cute little tote!! I just love how you take something old and reuse it in such a creative way! I need to do more of that!! I bet she will love that gift! I'm glad you got yourself some more lighting. My husband's an electrician of 11 years, so too bad we don't live closer. The guys could do the lighting and we could do the crafting!!

little lovelies said...

Cute! And your swap will be onderful, I just know it!

amandajean said...

what a great little purse....I like how the print is on the inside and the outside is just solids...great job, again! glad to hear that you got some home improvement stuff done...that always feels good, doesn't it?

MaryAnn said...

SQUEAL! Too cutie!

Raesha D said...

Oh I love the bag!! The paisly is awesome!