Friday, January 26, 2007

All sorts of stuff

Busy busy busy around here. Last night we hung these up...

(which I think look much better now that they are on the wall.)

And these...

(which match the velvet duvet patchwork my sister made me. I framed leftover fabric. Since we don't currently have a headboard, I think this acts as a decent focal point for the room.)

Then I stayed up late to finish this...

Woohoo, one down, 11 more to go! Go check out the Christmas in Progress can still join us!!

Did I mention I also snuck in a little fabric shopping yesterday?

I got a coupon in the mail from a quilt shop that is literally 2 minutes from my house. Its pretty new and kind of small, but what they did have was very cute! The people were so nice and friendly, and not to nosey..just enough you know? I have issues with fabric store employees that have to know what you are making. Sometimes I want to tell them, but sometimes I am just too ashamed to say that I don't know, that I just like it okay, and no I don't know where I am going to store it in the meantime, just get off my back okay!!! Whew, sorry, they get me a little excited sometimes! Anyway, back to my story, Sydney had a blast walking up and down all the aisles, and only unloaded a couple baskets of fat quarters. She's lucky she's cute!

Hope you all have a great weekend! We have some home improvement projects planned, so cross your fingers I'm still married when I talk with you next :)


becki said...

WOW! You have been busy! I really do love the tree painting. Looks so good above your couch!

I'm jealous you got to go out to a quilt shop! I work 40 hours a week and by the time work is over so is the work at the quilt store (even though my mom does work there)! I guess I get a little online shopping happy at times!

Hope you ahve a great productive weekend and I will make sure and keep my fingers crossed for you!!

Linda said...

Love the tree painting. It looks really nice in your living room. It goes really well with your couch and the pillows, too.

amandajean said...

The tree painting looks fabulous above your couch! I am thinking about when we hung our living room curtains after living without any for over a year....The first day I hated them. The second day I thought they looked ok. The third day I loved them. (boy, I must really hate change or something!)

I am glad that you posted the photo of your bedroom. Your mom told me about the velvet duvet cover that B made for you, and it is nice to finally see it. It looks great...very pottery barn. The framed leftover fabric is looks great above the bed...what a good idea!

You did a nice job on the sweater also! I bet if feels good to have something done for Christmas already.

And I agree, it would be great if we lived closer. I'd like to meet your little girl someday.
Have a good weekend!

little lovelies said...

Cute stuff! Good luck on the home improvement!!

jen b said...

Your tree artwork looks great! I love the tiny sweater you made for CIP.