Sunday, January 21, 2007

Knittin' Up a Storm

Had a pretty relaxing weekend with lots of eating, shopping and knitting! I have been working like crazy on a sweater for my January Christmas in Progress project. You can still join us in getting organized for Christmas 2007, just let Teresa know you want to play too! I also knit up a couple flowers. I haven't figured out crochet yet, but I found this pattern in the book Handknit Holiday and thought I would try it out. (In reality, it was the only pattern in the whole book I had a clue how to do!) They came together pretty quick. I think next time I will use finer yarn and smaller needles. I originally made the green one to go on my daughter's hat, but the thing is as big as her head! She loves them though, she carried them around all day sniffing them like they were real flowers! Too cute :)
Got to do some thrifting on Saturday too. If you click on the photo you can see my labels for each item. I am really anxious to come up with a project for the tablecloth, I love those colors! And the citrus fabric is just screaming to become an apron. Hopefully a big week of projects around here. I think I better make a list!


Vallen said...

I think your flowers are delightful. I love making crochet flowers. Such a quick satisfaction. Good thrifting, by the way.

amandajean said...

great thrifting finds...the citrus stuff would make a perfect apron... and I LOVE that tablecloth!
your flowers are great....I've been wanting to try to crochet some, but I think I will just go the fabric flower route! There are lots of tutorials for them out there on various blogs. I need a flower for Abby's little gray hat so people stop asking if she is a boy! I am impressed that you knit those flowers, they look very complex.

MaryAnn said...

Aah how I love a good thrifting! Thank you for my surprise package - it arrived in today's mail! What a wonderful way to end a very long work day:)

Linda said...

The flowers are really cute! I am making a little crochet dress that has little roses in it. I had to make something like 28 of them. I can't remember now. I haven't worked on it in a long time. Maybe I'll pull it out again one of these days. lol

You did well thrifting, too! Have fun creating with your finds!

becki said...

Wow! You found a ton of cool stuff! I can't wait to see what you make!

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