Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I've been tagged!

I got tagged by Becki to tell six weird things about me. By the way, this is me and my little chica.

So, I've been thinking really hard about this...not that I'm not weird, because trust me, my husband would disagree in a heartbeat. Come to think of it, he should do this for me! Anyway, I think I am just kind of a boring weird, but here goes...

1. I am scared to take my car through a carwash. I'm worried that my tires aren't going to get in the right spot or that I will go in too far and wreck my car or that the big blue brush thingys will break through my windshield and attack me. So my car is usually dirty unless someone feels bad for me and does it for me.

2. With the exception of the bathroom, I am very rarely in a room alone with the door closed. For some reason it freaks me out. My husband constantly shuts the door on me when I am in the laundry room and I feel panic immediately...I have no idea why. There must be some scary repressed memory in there somewhere!

3. My middle name is Dee after my Grandma Virginia (Dee). And as an additional weird name thing, my last name has more vowels than consonants (5 to 3 ratio).

4. One of my favorite snacks is pickles dipped in ranch dressing.

5. When I was little I wanted to own a Pizza Hut when I grew up. Still get a lot of crap for this one.

6. This isn't so much about me but, I taught my Mother in law to knit last weekend. It seemed kind of weird at the time, like some sort of strange role reversal, but it was fun.

Well, thats all I got. I would love to tag some other people, but honestly everyone I know out here has done this already or been tagged to do it....so, how about all of you nonbloggers that are just out here looking around leave me a comment with one weird thing about yourselves! We'll call it a delurking/weird thing tag combo!


becki said...

Thanks for sharing the fun! I've had fried pickles in ranch before..those are pretty tastey!! Pretty cool that you taught your MIL to knit..I taught mine to quilt!!

Vallen said...

Yeah, I've done the fried pickle thing but I'm going to take up your snack. That sounds like a little bit of heaven.

Linda said...

Funny, you taught your MIL how to knit, I taught mine to crochet.

Something wierd about me. Hmm...how's this. When I am getting ready to say take a pill out of a bottle, I feel like I need to take the first one that comes out, even if more than one comes out and they are exactly the same. Like the first pill that comes out, that's it's destiny or something. I'm like that with lots of things, stringing beads, anything like that where there are more than one identical item. Silly huh? I make myself not take the first one that comes out sometimes just so that I can prove to myself that it really is ok.

MaryAnn said...

Pizza Hut is absolutely my favorite pizza, so I support your childhood endeavor by being your first patron. So there!

amandajean said...

I love the picture of you and your little one....so adorable.
I enjoyed reading through your weird list. :)

Tallyhoney said...

Oh YUM... I LOVE pickles and ranch dressing.. especially fried pickles and ranch dressing. Now I am hungry for that.. hmmm, have to wait until I get home for that one.

Great job I trying to solder...I figure I have enough crafts under my belt, I really do not want to try another one that I could potentially blow myself up (lol).

Beth @ emmascloset