Tuesday, January 16, 2007

An Apron At Last

I have been eyeing all the adorable aprons that have been created out here and finally decided to try one for myself. Of course I didn't use a pattern, that would have been to easy. So this took twice as long as it should have, but oh well! Not sure when I may use it. I'm afraid I am too much of a messy cook to actually use it in the kitchen, so it may become a crafty apron.
I remember one of my favorite books when I was little was about a kid that won a contest and couldn't find the ticket he needed to claim his prize. After searching high and low, it ended up being in his mom's apron. I think mine should be like that...a keeper of important mom stuff. Pencil, paper, tissues, winning tickets and the sort! Speaking of tissues...I may just put this to use today. My little one has a cold and her nose is a constant dripping faucet. Unfortunately my daily work attire (sweats) is not outfitted with pockets to hold tissues. I think I just found my solution!
Anyway, its bright (maybe too bright?) and springy and I made it.


amandajean said...

very lovely!!! does it have an adjustable neck strap??? :)

hope your little one is feeling better soon! perhaps you should go to Stardust Shoes blog and check out her little tissue holder tutorial (it's on her sidebar)...easy peasy. And so cute. Limitless fabric combination possibilities. You get the idea! :) have a great day.

becki said...

Love the apron! The colors are great! I know what you mean about using springy colors..I'm already i that mode!! I guess once the holidays are over everything feels so cold and dreary, so it's nice to pull out those floral fabrics! I hope the illness doesn't last long for your little one! Have a great and WARM day!

becki said...

Yep, styrofoam all the way. I only used one size since that's what I had, but I think mixing up sizes would be pretty cool. The only downside is cutting strips of fabric...I HATE cutting into fabric, I wish there was always an unlimited supply! I guess that means I need to get shopping for more!!

Vallen said...

I see you, too, are trying to invoke a spring atmosphere. Great apron. Too bright is not a phrase in my vocabulary.