Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Phases of Creativity

I'm not sure if anyone else goes through this, but my creative, crafty desires go through stages. Sometimes I am all about knitting, sometimes sewing, decorating, cooking, painting...the list just keeps going on and on. My sewing stage is starting to come back around again, and so I thought it an appropriate time to clean out my pattern and notions drawer. I have found it is very important to only clean out craft supplies when in that specific craft mood. Heaven forbid you get rid of something useful just because you are not feelin' it that day! During my cleaning I found some patterns that I knew I had, but had never really looked at. My MIL gave them to me after they had gone through my husband's grandparents things (my MIL's in-laws). The patterns are from the 50's I am guessing (I might be totally off on this one, but it cost 2 cents to mail the envelopes) and were "sent away for" by my husband's grandma. There are all kinds of transfer embroidery patterns to make the day of the week dishclothes, sock doll patterns with multiple outfits - this one I hope to try soon, and tons of other stuff. It is really fun to get to see the things that she was interested in. She passed away before I got the chance to meet her, my husband and I had only been dating a short time then. But getting to go through the patterns helped me feel like I know a little more about her. I almost hate to cut them up and actually use them, I might just scan them so I can keep the patterns intact. I think it would be a neat thing for my daughter to have a doll made from the patterns - in a round about way, a little bit of her heritage being passed down.


becki said...

What cool patterns you have! I bet your daughter would like a doll like that! I never got to meet my great-grandmother, but I did get some old hankies passed down to me, so I hope to make something with them. It's so funny how crafting trends tend to change, it's just nice we have certain things to hold on to so we can revisit those times! Thanks for the weekend wishes, I've been busy getting my sewing notions and such all piled together for the haul. Hope you have a great weekend also!

amandajean said...

how cool is that! I want to come play and sew too. :)