Thursday, January 4, 2007

A Little Corner of My World

This is one of my favorite corners in my house (minus the cords hanging down from my tv...anyone got a good idea how to get rid of those?). My craft room is my idea factory, oasis, sanctuary, my tent of meeting, a warm and cozy place of inspiration for me. Someday I hope to call it a studio, but I don't think I am there yet. There seems to be a line drawn between those two terms, and I guess I haven't crossed it yet...someday. I love to snuggle into this spot and knit and make lists (one of my true passions!). The teddy bear welcomes my daughter everyday. I have been working to somehow kid proof the room. Its gone pretty well so far, I'll show you those ideas another day. But I always knew that she had to be welcome here. I want my daughter to grow up in a creative space with no limits to her imagination. Sometimes the task of parenting seems so scary, what if we screw her up! What if she goes on Oprah and talks about how awful I was!! But then I remember that Oprah is 50 something now, by the time Sydney is old enough to complain about me, she will have surely retired, right!

From this spot I can look onto the rest of the room and chaos and just dream. Lots of memories to be made here...many already realized, looking forward to those to come.

Welcome to my corner. Rest a while and leave refreshed.


becki said...

What a nice peaceful corner you have! I love the green bolster pillow and all the hand bags!! I also am envious of your chair. That's just too cool!!

amandajean said...

I love your little corner of your world. It looks so comfy. As for the rest of your post, are you reading my mind? I can relate to everything that you wrote...I guess I don't worry about my kids going on Oprah...but I do worry if I have already screwed them up beyond hope! :) Now I'm soooo curious to see the rest of your little craft room. I'm still trying to work up the courage to show pictures of mine...maybe I'll do before and after photos if I ever get around to reconfiguring things.
Oh, I love list making's the best!

Vallen said...

As long as they have a good foundation most kids get on pretty well. Anyway hey, they've got to have things to talk about at parties with their friends when they grow up so, go ahead, make a few mistakes. It'll be fine.

jen b said...

Thanks for your kind words on my blog and your encouragement on CIP. I am really excited to be a part of the fun.

maggiegracecreates said...

Roxanne - you will be fine as a parent. My girls have always been welcome in all of our spaces. I love the granny square blanket.