Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I *heart* the Internet

I have rekindled my love with the internet today. Don't get me wrong, most days I like it, A Lot, for the obvious reasons of writing my blog and reading all of yours, but I LOVE it!! I ran around this horribly cold town most of the morning with a small child that is still leaking snot trying to find several items. Albeit rather unique items, but still. I only checked a couple stores and was contemplating starting in the bizzarre hobby shops, etc, when I said to myself DUH, go home and look online!!! So, I did. Now in the warm coziness of my own home, with the little one asleep in her bed I got a great deal on microscope slides, glass test tubes and copper foil tape. The shipping was more than the cost of my whole order, but I just don't care! I saved that much in gas and patience today!!

Another reason I am loving the internet today is all the free stuff that's out there. A little copy and paste of some free html code from here and I have a counter on the bottom of my page!

No longer are we limited by miles. Whatever your crafty heart desires can be found with the simple click of a mouse. However, be cautioned. Maybe its just me, but when I shop online, I feel like I am shopping with play money! I spend way more money on something than I would in person. But, I guess the point is that I can't get it in person. What did we do before all of this?
I will leave you with some fun links that help me when my inspiration is lacking.
Color Combo Ideas - I use this all the time for my mini-part-time job in marketing...have I told you about that? Not too exciting, but I'll save it for another day.
And of course here and here which are like a mini index to lots of good crafty blogs.


little lovelies said...

know what you mean about feeling like you shop with play money online. Especially where paypal is concerned. DANGER, Will Robinson!

becki said...

What do you use the microscope slides and such for?

amandajean said...

I agree with becki...what do you use microscope slides for???

Can you believe that I ordered something on line for the first time ever last fall? I can see how it would get addictive and dangerous. Plus, I justify my real life shopping as exercise...pulling 3 kids in and out of the car x 10 stops = lots of burned calories! :)

becki said...

Very cool idea. You will have to post a picture after you are finished with them!!

I know what you mean about American Idol. I really feel bad for the people they make fun of. It's one thing to tell them that they didn't make it to Hollywood, but totally another thing to make fun of how they look or act!! So funny about Little's one of my favorite tv shows!! I really wish I could have lived in the days of cornhusk dolls and sun bonnets, but with that came a hard way of living. Hope you have great luck with your creations!!

Vallen said...

No two ways about it, you rock. Thanks for the tips.