Thursday, May 10, 2007

Picture Heavy Bargain Bost

A whole post of great deals and freebies...are you up for it? I've been having a ton of fun hitting the spring garage sales. This week was holy week for all the cheapos in Fargo! Its clean up week, which means you can throw away anything you want without getting charged extra. Fridges, lawn mowers, highchairs, you name it! Scavengers come from miles around to drive up and down the street and dig through other people's trash. As embarrassing as this obviously sounds, I had to join in! My friend Stacy and I packed up the little ones into my husband's truck yesterday and hit the streets. Here are my scores!!

(Don't you love that turquoise chair!! And the wooden one on the right folds up!)

(I plan to slipcover the stool and paint the ladder to hang blankets on.)
Also did pretty good at last week's sales. The highlights were these men's XXL Lands End cashmere sweaters for $3 each. (You may notice the bedspread underneath...$2!!). I also got this pile of fabric in a garbage bag for 50 cents!! I have most of it used up already - that project coming soon!


Amy Jo said...

Looks like you struck the mother load of good/cheap/bargain deals! Good job!

Vallen said...

People throw that stuff away? Why?

Linda said...

That wooden chair is exactly the type of thing I am looking for for my living room to repaint. Of course can I find anything when I look for it, NOOOO. I hit a bunch of garage sales last weekend and no one had any chairs that weren't part of a whole set. I didn't find a single thing I wanted.

amandajean said...

oh...nice new stuff! great deals!

I have been amassing a ton of crap-I mean new-to-me things-lately. Today I bought a $3 table (like dining room table) with a gorgeous base that caused a bit of contention with the hubby. but how could I leave it there for $3!!!!!!

can't wait to see what project could have used up that much fabric...hmm.