Wednesday, May 30, 2007

How to kill a rainy day

Create new wall art out of old stuff.
The frame I saved from my mother in law's donate pile, the flower pictures are old bridge tally cards from Mary Ann.

Total cost: $0

Felt sweaters instead of doing actual laundry.
Check out this amazing tip for removing pills on wool sweaters. It works wonders!

Total cost: I'm afraid I lost track. All good deals though, I swear!!

Serving up dried beans for everyone!
I got this melamine cream and sugar set during the Savers 50% off sale, along with the tray and 4 wooden pineapple dishes. Hours of fun guaranteed for little ones.

Total cost: $4 (including a bag of beans!)

A fun day stuck indoors: Priceless!


breanna said...

I love the flower pictures! Thank you so much for the felting tips, you really helped me out. I can't wait to see what you do with your sweaters. I am having trouble deciding if I want a blanket or pillows.

Sarah said...

What a lovely bunch of things! I also received some tally cards from Mary Ann, and that is a really good idea for using them. Maybe I'll do it for my grandmother, she actually plays bridge.

Those dishes are great! I'm sure they will be well loved.

Vallen said...

Looks like you're ready for a tea party, too. Gloves?

amandajean said...

love the play dishes! and that stack of sweaters is gorgeous. I like your new wall art-and the price tag on it!

enjoy the rest of your rainy day.

MaryAnn said...

What a fun post! I wish that ND and OH would suddenly be neighbors.