Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Thriftful Success

Had way too much fun at the thrift store yesterday. Found some great wool sweaters to felt, thanks to Vallen's ideas; some cool vintage coffee mugs that I am thinking about making this out of;

a cool childrens book that I plan to cut up for decoupage of some sort; an awesome vintage sheet that I can't decide what to do with yet and a whole bag of very fine yarn. Seemed like a great deal for the yarn - $1.50 for a whole bag full, but the original labels say they were 15 cents each back in their day. Wouldn't that be nice!

So, I rushed home to felt. I started with the magenta sweater. I found out yesterday about an ornament exchange that was planned for a meeting I am attending today, so I decided to make a mini stocking out of it. It needed a little something extra, so I beaded the loop with some coordinating beads. I really wanted to have a beaded snowflake on the front, but as it turns out I am not all that great at beading! Guess I will have to practice some more. Of course half my problem was that I had already sewn the whole thing together before I thought about the beads. Anyway, here is the finished product. I like it. If no one else does at the exchange I think I will just bring it back home with me!

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Vallen said...

So blogger let me in today after two weeks of being ostrasized so I thought I'd leave a comment while I can. I love the thrift stuff, especially the mugs. I always look for that sort of thing but rarely find it here. Good job!!!! Love the little stocking.