Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Some finished products

I finally finished the artists apron for Tonya. I wanted to have some way to have a strap that can change sizes, so my husband suggested I just make it adjustable. Easier said than done...well actually he just did it for me, so I guess it was pretty easy. I swear, there is a part of my brain that just is missing. The part that reads patterns and figures out how to put the adjustable loopy things in. Lucky for me, my husband has extra of those parts. (He is my private crafter. That's a whole other post, but trust me its hillarious!) Anyway, its done.
Here is what I put on the tag:

Instructions: For use when painting, sanding, staining, cutting, nailing, and gluing. Its beauty grows with each glob and splatter. Wash if you think you must, dry if you feel like it, but mostly just use it.

Here is my other finished gift for my friend Sara, but I have also made the same thing for several others. This pattern is from Martha's Holiday mag. It is really easy and doesn't take much yarn or fabric. Here is an inside view of the bag. I also made one of these to go with it. Happy Christmas crafting!


amandajean said...

The gifts look great! I am sure Tonya will love her apron. The tag verbage is fantastic....it all is!
The monogrammed zipper pouches are too cute...they seem like they would be hard to make...maybe it's just my fear of zippers getting in the way.
It seems like you and Lee are in the same boat with your parents(about crafty husbands)....I know your dad has some hidden craft talents, too!

maggiegracecreates said...

I adore the apron. Thanks for visiting me.