Monday, December 11, 2006

Merry & bright?....The Freezer Paper Test Run

Hello all! I hope you had a great weekend. My parents were here visiting and my mom and sister and I went on a Christmas baking frenzy. It was a lot of fun, but forced me to take a little blogging break. But, I'm back!

First, I want to thank Vallen for the plug on her amazing blog, and also another new reader, MaryAnn for stopping by. Not to mention all of you that stop to say hi. I really appreciate it so much. In my short time here in blogworld you all have been so kind and welcoming! THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!!!

Now to the crafting. (Sorry for the bad picture, this should give you some clue the time of day/night I found to make this!) I tried my hand at freezer paper fabric stenciling. Have you guys tried this yet? I saw it on a craft blog somewhere but for the life of me I can't remeber I'm sorry to who ever it was that I'm not giving you all the credit. It is a great idea. You basically cut the stencil out of freezer paper, iron it to your fabric, paint it and peel off the freezer paper. My first attempt was for a shirt for the kiddo. I wanted something clever for her to wear in some pictures for Christmas cards. I thought I had this great idea for the shirt to say "merry & bright"...I can't take credit for that either, I'm sure I've seen it somewhere. Anyway, I was telling my dear husband about it (who by the way is probably the most intelligent person I know) and he didn't get it. Come on...that's a little bit funny right? Anyway, after I wait the 72 hours it supposedly takes for fabric paint to dry, we'll try some pictures of the kiddo in it and post those too. Overall this project went great! I would definitely try it again. Plus with the oodles of graphics, cool fonts, etc. we all have access to, there is no stopping your imagination at all the things you could make.


RachE said...

Hey Rox~

You're creative talents never cease to amaze me. You truly inspire me to find the creative person that is hidden deep inside of me. I can't wait until the day comes when I start planning my wedding and I can pick your brain for all your creative ideas! You've given me so many great ideas, including this one! Keep them coming! Kisses to Syd for me!

Linda said...

Very cute, and yes it is funny that he didn't get the "Merry and Bright" reference. That is a great idea. I did something similar when I had a little folder I had to decorate for a silly contest at work. I took a photo copy of the lettering I wanted to use and ironed it on to the back side of the material I was using. The photocopy ink will stick much like the freezer paper, and peels off nicely, too. I used it as a template to cut out the letters. You could see the outline through the back of the paper. Then I just peeled the paper off and glued the letters to the front of the folder like I wanted them. I sort of happened on it by mistake because I was ironing and for some reason I put them together when I was ironing and it worked so I used it. LOL

amandajean said...

cute! I have been wanting to try some of these...all in good time! what did you use for paint?