Friday, December 15, 2006

Ornamental Gift


I made these ornaments for my mom this year. The idea came from my childhood and one of the few ways my mother corrupted me! Another reason she shouldn't read this I guess. From the earliest time I can remember my mom watched Days of Our Lives, without fail. Even now, if you played me the closing song I would automatically think it was time to take a nap...we were programmed! Anyway, it was always my mom's secret dream to be a Horton. Even today she could give you the Horton family tree for the past 30 years. And so, around Christmas time, when we all travel far and wide to spend time with our families, so would the Hortons. Those who were able (i.e. not trapped in a dungeon, or suffereing from amnesia, etc.) would gather at Alice's house to decorate the Horton family Christmas tree with beautifull ornaments each bearing the name of a family member. Some were still with us, some had yet to come back from the dead, and some had moved on to bigger and better shows. As they were each hung on the tree we would get to go back in time and remember each of them. And my mom would cry. Every time. It became a family joke. And so, the family ornaments. My sister and I tried this several years ago, but they turned out really ugly. So I thought I would try again. I found clear balls that have an irridescent quality. I bought some letter stickers from the scrapbook store and frosted glass spray paint. You could also use the glass frosting paint on stuff, but it is really expensive and I think the spray paint works best. I stuck on the letters, gave it a quick spray paint just over the letters so the irridescense still shows in the back and peeled off the letters. And Ta-Da!
I'm not sure if you can see very good from the pictures - sorry! I really like how simple and plain they turned out, so they would coordinate with pretty much any theme she decides to have for her tree. Anyway, I wrapped them in two really cute snowmen tins that I got at a thrift store. I figured then she could store the ornaments in these as well. So, cross your fingers that I give the present that gets the most tears!!
If you would like to make similar ornaments, here are a couple tips...
1. Don't over spray. Several light coats are better.
2. Let the ornaments dry for a little while before you peel off the stickers. This is hard to describe, but if you do it too early you will smudge the paint, if you do it to late the paint will peel off with the stickers.
3. Since #2 is so vague, if you screw one up, remove the spray paint with nail polish remover and start over!
4. Our family has a ridiculous number of Y's in our names for some reason, so I ran out of Y stickers. If you are very careful, you can reuse the stickers, but probably not more than twice.
Good luck!
Have a happy Friday and a great weekend!


amandajean said...

those are beautiful ornaments...and I remember the first round of those. I like how you packaged these also. I am sure your mom will love them. Knowing your mom, it is so funny to read the backround story. Does she still watch Days? I remember that my mom did all the time too. That theme song will stick with you for a long time!!!

MaryAnn said...

Oh my. Days of Our Lives Christmas. I remember that. Alice always hung them. And then, when Tom died, well, that was bad. Yep. Totally with you. Good job on a gift that will make your mother simultaneously cry and laugh - you are pure genius!

Raesha D said...

WOW! These are awesome....I might have to use this idea next year for my mom:) And I bet you a million dollars your mom will cry when she opens them:)

Linda said...

That is a great idea! I know what you mean about that theme music, too. LOL Might have to give those a whirl. My MIL would really like them. When J's brother was here from Texas, we all had to make stepping stones with our footprint in them for her garden. We had ten little trays of quick set and a huge mess, but it was fun. The little girls really had fun making them and pushing beads and stuff down in the cement. Claire who was 4 at the time went a little overboard with the beads and they were falling out, but it was fun. These ornaments are just the sort of sentimental thing that she would love! The tins for storing them is a great idea, too. I might have to go get some tins to store my own ornaments in, my box is getting a bit frazzled.

Vallen said...

Love these globes. I like the snowy etched effect. Girl, you are really hauling on this Christmas thing.

Anonymous said...

I am the Mom who got the beautiful ornaments. I was so happy. Roxy did a great job on them. I wanted to redecorate my tree when I got home but decided to wait for next year. And no I don't watch Days anymore. Jobs!! They take all your free time. Roxy is a special daughter and her dad and I are so proud of her. Love you, Mom