Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Knitting with Fleece

One of my favorite things to do, especially in the winter, is to knit. It is relaxing, relatively cheap, and creates beautiful results. I took a class a couple years ago, and haven't learned much new stuff since then. I can knit and purl and decrease, but it all stops there! So, while I love to look at all the amazing new knitting books that are coming out these days, I unfortunately am not skilled enough to accomplish the majority of the patterns. Oh well, I still make due. The picture here is of a rug I am working on for my nephew Reese. He has a firefighter bedroom (his Dad is a very brave firefighter, whom we are all very proud of) and this red fleece rug is going to be great to play on. My sister has hardwood floors throughout her whole house (jealous!) so playing on the floor gets a little hard. Anyway, I am knitting this on size 35 needles and cut the fabric into about 1-1/2 inch strips. I originally bought 3 yards of 54" wide fabric, but so far my rug is only 13"x36". I plan to knit another piece the same size and sew them together. So I figure a 26x36 rug will cost me about $20 in supplies. Not too bad. Knitting fleece is a good forearm workout (I feel like I am on the Flinstones knitting with dinosaur bones), but it does go really fast and the texture is fabulous. This is just one of about 4 knitting projects I am working on for Christmas gifts. I have baskets all over the house with my projects so I can just grab and knit whenever I get a second. I'll share more as I get them done - just have to be careful not to give away any Christmas surprises!


amandajean said...

Love the rug! Kev says that I should try knitting or crocheting with fleece. Does it make a mess when you cut it? Do you sew the ends together to attach the strips? What a great material to use for a rug! It'll look great with his quilt (which I was so happy to get a peek at when we were in MN) and it'll be so nice on their hardwood floors. I bet the texture of the rug is fabulous. (Now I want to try this...ahhhh...I can't start another project.)
I chuckled at your Flinstones description! I read on someone's blog that they had actually used turkey basters to knit. Can you imagine???

Linda said...

I like the rug, too. I have thought of using strips of cotton fabric for crocheting a rug, too. It would be a great way to use up scraps that weren't big enough for much else. Let us see when you are finished!

Roxanne said...

Thanks ladies! I will be sure to post a picture of the finished product.