Wednesday, February 13, 2008


My Valentine's have been sent off on their way so now I figure I can share them with you!

They are simple, but fun. An origami heart with a simple flat card stuck inside. The heart design was from an origami book from the library, I'm sorry I don't recall which one. I'm sure it's a pretty common pattern. The hearts can be reused as a bookmark.

The polka-dot paper is from Paper-Source. I am in love with it and quite proud of myself for using it up. The colors are a little outside the typical pink and red of Valentine's day, but they look bright and springy to me. The envelopes are also handmade from brown postal paper. If you've never made your own envelopes you should definitely try it. Very simple, just disassemble an envelope you have on hand and adjust the dimensions to fit your card.

Kid versions of the valentine were made from a quarter sheet of origami paper. They ended up really small and cute! I made little paper books and stuck the valentine inside. I also included a Valentine pencil that I picked up last year on clearance.

On a different note, I just got flowers delivered to me! I was completely surprised and had no clue who they could be from. My husband? No. A friend, family member? Nope! A long lost love hoping to rekindle an old flame? Hope not!

They were from my husband's office! He has been working constantly lately, with multiple meetings every evening. And I guess his office just wanted to keep me happy and not go off on him when he shows up tomorrow and has forgotten that its even Valentine's Day. Odd, but nice I guess. Is this supposed to mean my husband's off the hook? Is it weird that I feel a little manipulated like this is supposed to make it all okay? Or am I over thinking it and I should just say thanks and appreciate the fact that they do realize he has a family at home. Probably the latter.

Hope your planning for a sweet Valentine's Day tomorrow!


Vallen said...

All of the above. It's nice and even thoughtful but a little questionable. Happy workers might be your husband they are trying to manipulate. But hey, roses? Nice no matter what.

Anonymous said...
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Stacy said...

Enjoy your roses. I love your Valentine's cards.

Jada2929 said...

The bookmark Valentine's are so cute. I'm bookmarking it for next year. No pun intended.:)
Flowers from his office? I don't know. I guess I would look at it as a good sign of some job security. They wouldn't send roses to the wife of an employee they didn't value, right?
Personally I think a gift card to a restaurant for both of you would have been less weird factor.

Elizabeth said...

That is sort of strange that your husband's office sent you flowers. Unless it's a small office and everyone is close and they do that sort of thing all the time. I agree with Jada that a gift card for the two of you would have been a better idea. Still, they are very pretty flowers so enjoy them!

Fuji Mama said...

Very cute idea! I'm filing this one away for future reference.

Dot said...

I'd say the latter. :)
love the valentines!

Katherine said...

Your clever fingers have whipped up another adorable craft. Those bookmarks are so sweet. You really are tempting me to get into papercrafting, Roxanne!

amandajean said...

those little origami hearts are wonderful.

and as far as the flowers go, I would say the latter, too.

maggiegracecreates said...

I just receieved my little valentine - soooo adorable.

Have a wonderful weekend.