Wednesday, February 20, 2008


So, what's the best way to beat the winter blahs and THINK SPRING??

Finding the latest issue of Marie Claire Idees in the mailbox!

I treated myself to a subscription a couple months ago and my first issue arrived yesterday. I was so excited. My husband thinks I'm nuts. He has no clue why I would want a magazine I can't read (it's all in French.) This issue is chock full of bright colors, flowers and tons of Spring inspiration!

Here is just a small dose of some of my favorite things. (I kept the pictures small in the post, but you should be able to click on each of them to zoom in.)

See those bowls on the wall? Fabric. Isn't that a great idea?!

The appliqued flowers on this are too cute. And a great way to cover up corners that don't quite match up for us beginner quilters!

I keep seeing cool clocks all over the place lately. (Do you ever wonder if that stuff is always there & your eye is just noticing it now?) Here are just a couple made from cookware ...

I love the doors on this pantry - what a great way to keep your favorite recipes close, just glue them on!

I'm sure someone could enlighten us on the days of the week in French.

The kids stuff in here just made me swoon. So many cute, but simple things! Zoom in and check out the crocheted watering can & flower.

Zoom in on this one too and check out that crocheted cuckoo clock! Just too cute!

There now, don't you feel warmer already? We actually hit a record low this morning in Fargo. Thank God the magazine showed up just in the nick of time!


amandajean said...

that magazine looks like it's full of inspiration. how fun! what was your record low? I'm morbidly curious. :)

Anonymous said...
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Melissa H said...

I finally saw this mag in person at Powells in Portland and was soooo tempted to subscribe. but I didn't. Now I'm regretting that :( Guess I will have to subscribe after all now that you've given a spring issue teaser. turns out it can be expensive to read blogs.

did you subscribe online? via their website?

Linda said...

Next thing on the "to do" list... learn French.... LOL
The magazine looks great!

Katherine said...

I can totally see why you would subscribe to this magazine, Roxanne. Could be a fun way to learn French too? LOL
Hmmm. My French is very basic but I do know the days of the week if you're interested:
Dimanche - Sunday
Lundi - Monday
Mardi - Tuesday
Mercredi - Wednesday
Jeudi - Thursday
Vendredi - Friday
Samedi - Saturday

I love the days of the week teatowels! Thanks for sharing a preview of this fabulous mag. Definitely gets one thinking of Spring.

Kristin said...

oh my i can see exactly why you'd want this mag - swoooon!

Kristin :)

Vallen said...

I love this magazine. I renewed my subscription I like it so much and I can't read much of it either but the ideas just set my imagination to high speed.

Rebecca said...

I am ALL OVER that crocheted watering can!