Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The post where I complain about the weather...

Oh wait, isn't that every post? Maybe not that bad yet, but close. Anyway, it's cold here. Really cold. And cloudy. Well, actually it's dark right now, but I'm assuming it's still cloudy. I just got back from grocery shopping. I couldn't bear the thought of taking my kid out in this weather, so I had to wait until after supper to venture out. The only good thing about it was that no one else was crazy enough to be shopping tonight, so it was fast. A bank sign I drove by said the temperature was -19 degrees (yep, that's Fahrenheit people) and they are predicting the wind chill to be down in the -50's. Now that's cold.

So to combat the cold I am planning Sydney's spring and summer wardrobe. I haven't actually completed anything yet though, so I thought I would show you these pants I made her a couple months ago.

They are a very simple design, but I like the addition of the lace around the bottom. I think it takes away from the homemade look of the pants. We've gotten a ton of compliments on them, but we are anxious to pack them away and get cracking on some shorts! Tomorrow I promise I'll be thinking Spring. No more complaining!


Stephanie said...

Those pants are cute! Do they come in my size? :o)

amandajean said...

yes, that is downright frigid. this cold weather is hindering me from going to the quilt shop sale. (and it's making me more than a little crabby!!!) it has to get better soon. it HAS to.

LOVE the pants. and the lace around the bottom is a nice touch.

Katherine said...

Brrrrrr.... I can't say I envy your temperatures, Roxanne. I hope things warm up for you soon. Keep thinking Spring!

What sweet little pants! You're right, the lace at the hem is just the perfect touch. Love it!