Friday, February 29, 2008

Favorite Friday

Hello Gals, and welcome to the second installment of Favorite Friday! Be sure to comment if you are playing along so we can all check it out! (And thanks for the great response on my simple little idea.)

Today, my Favorite is my new framed art!

A Sydney original. Mounted in an 11x14 frame with a museum mat.

Museum style mats are another favorite for me. I think they can make even the simplest picture seem very important and can help focus your eye a bit more.

My Favorite little artist is very excited to see her work on permanent display too!

Have a great Friday all!!


becki said...

what a great idea! i will have to file that away for when my little one starts creating some art work! i LOVE fridays!!

amandajean said...

very cute!

Amy Jo said...

Love the "kid art" pictures! Great minds! I think I might do this for the boys' pics that hung in the art center!

Marcia said...

It is a wonderful idea. How proud your little artist must be. Thanks for the favorite Friday idea too.

Katherine said...

I love this idea, Roxanne! No wonder this is a favourite. I bet Sydney loves seeing her creativity framed up and proudly displayed.

sara said...

What a fabulous painting and such a great frame for it!
Where did you get the frame? I have lots of kid-art that I need to display at my house and I haven't been good at keeping up on it.

I AM VERY MARY said...

You're the bomb, mama, the bomb!