Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kid Stuff...

I've got kid clothes on the brain these days. More on that later... Did you all have a good Easter? I certainly hope so. We had a great time with my family. (Thanks again for coming guys!) Sydney loved playing with all her cousins. She especially loved the egg hunt - here's a running shot of her finding one.

Anyway, back to the clothes. I am feeling very inspired to sew Sydney clothes for summer. We have some major expenses coming this summer (new siding and windows for our house - ouch!!) and this seems like an easy way to save a couple bucks - and it's fun! Here's what I whipped up today.

Some easy flannel pajama pants. Since we still have snow I figured she will still get some use out of these! Sydney thinks the Chinese lanterns are pumpkins!

I also made this little summer skirt. I used part of the twirly skirt tutorial (in theory anyway) to make the drawstring/elastic waist.

I made both of these during nap time. I did have to wait for Sydney to wake up to finish hems, etc. Otherwise it took almost no time at all! I'm currently going through the summer clothes I have for Sydney (clearance from last year) so I can make some coordinating outfits. So look out - more kid's clothes to come!!


Katherine said...

Cute clothes, Roxanne! I especially like the summer skirt. Does it come in my size? LOL
Enjoy sewing for your little sweetie.

Linda said...

Very cute! I have a link to a great pillowcase top/ dress pattern, and also a link to a peasant top tutorial if you want them let me know.

Amy Jo said...

Love the skirt. And great fabric for the lounge pants. Love making lounge pants...quick, easy, uses lots of fabric.... and if they don't fit quite right - who cares... they're lounge pants!

amandajean said...

so cute! I love the in motion photo. so appropriate for a little one. :)