Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I mentioned last week that I was working on some knitted Easter eggs. Well, I've finished three and I guess the excitement has kind of worn off. Funny how that happens.

Here is my first attempt. Love the colors and the look, but the size is way off. This sucker is huge. Like ostrich egg big.

Attempt number two. Knitted with the smallest needles I own (3) out of plain old white. Much better size, but kind of boring.

And attempt number three. Cuter yarn, decent size, but badly misshapen. Can you even tell this is an egg?

I think they would have turned out much cuter if I had just put the knitted egg over a Styrofoam egg instead of stuffing them. But, I knew they would be hugged, thrown, and generally played with a lot so stuffing was the best route. One thing the experience has shown me is that knitting a ball would be really easy. I think I will work on that pattern - I'll share it with you when I get it perfected!

In other exciting news around here... this arrived in the mail and has found a special place in my craft room!
I am the proud owner of a Birthday Crown from the lovely Vallen! I was so excited when I opened it! Isn't it fun?!? It had some adorable pinwheels that were supposed to be stuck in, but Sydney swiped them and has been having a blast with them. Hopefully I can steal them back soon! Thanks again Vallen, I love it!!


amandajean said...

you had me laughing with the ostrich egg comparison. it's funny how proportions can be hard to tell from plain photos on someone's blog. (like my purse from today...if it were and egg, it would be ostrich sized too!)

I think the eggs are cute. could you sew some buttons on the white one to jazz it up a bit?

Anonymous said...

I loooooooove the brown striped egg! It looks so soft and cozy... and, um... kind of chocolatey, too! :D

Em said...

I think the eggs are really cute, and I love the apron! My sister and I say the same thing at the same time all the time - it really drives her nuts, but I just laugh! She's almost 3 yrs younger than me. Em

Katherine said...

Look at you knitting away! What a fun project, Roxanne. Maybe you could Kool Aid dye the white egg? I like the variety in size and yarns that you used. Three very different eggs... I'm all for the one that looks like a chocolate egg.

Lucky you to receive a Birthday Crown from Vallen. Sweet!

Rebecca said...

A birthday crown! Lovely. I have a crown from VQ, too. I wish I could get us all to take headshots with our crowns on for a Vallen blog day LOL.

The eggs are cute, I thought of making some myself. Perhaps I'll try? I have a feeling mine will end up oddly shaped like your last one LOL.