Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Twirly Skirt

I decided to go the skirt route for Sydney for Easter. It will be cold here for Easter (maybe even snowing) so the summery Easter dresses you see in every store would just get covered up by a sweater anyway. So I figured I would make a skirt and just pair it with a sweater she already has. (Not with the shirt pictured, but with a nice cabled cream sweater with a little bit of sparkle mixed in. And hopefully the sunglasses won't be going to church with us, but who knows.) (And please ignore the disaster in the background!)

I had an uncooperative model the other day when I took these pictures. And she isn't feeling well today, so this is as good as it gets.

I used the twirly skirt tutorial from House on Hill Road, but with a couple modifications. I made the band on the bottom a little narrower than the instructions called for. It just seemed more proportionate for these short little legs. I also skipped the ribbon in the waste and just went with the elastic. This skirt is seriously well, twirly I guess. There is almost 80 inches of fabric gathered up to make this skirt! Wow! I love how it's put together though and will definitely use the pattern again, with maybe a little less fabric next time. The waist ends up being a little uncomfortable because of all the gathered fabric - 80 inches smooshed into 18 inches is just a little too much I guess!

The fabric was a bargain from Mill End Textiles - 40% off of $4/yd. I had the elastic and cream accent on hand, as well as the sweater she is going to pair it with. So, a cute Easter outfit for less than $3. Not too bad! :)


becki said...

What a cute skirt! It looks like she really loves it!

Amy Jo said...

Very cute! It makes me wish I had a little girl to make stuff for!

Hello, I'm Sally. said...

What a cute girl! And a fun skirt. Its hard to tell she doesn't feel well, so smiley!

Katherine said...

I bet it was hard to keep your model from twirling while wearing her new skirt! This skirt gets 2 thumbs up in girly twirly goodness. Very cute.
Have a Happy Easter, Roxanne!

amandajean said...

cute skirt! what a deal on the fabric, too. our mill end is going out of business and they are putting in a dollar store instead. a crime, for sure. i'm so sad.