Thursday, August 2, 2007

Last Night...

Last night Sydney and I were settling in for a relaxing evening. My husband was working late. I actually cooked a meal, see?

I used a recipe for zucchini orzo I got from Katherine's blog. With some minor adjustments, of course. I skipped the grating and just chopped the zucchini into large chunks. Also added some fresh Roma tomatoes as garnish. Extremely yummy and super easy.

We had enjoyed our supper and were playing with the TV on in the background. Everything was just normal, and then we saw the news of the bridge collapse in Minneapolis. It's amazing to me just how quickly life can stop you in your tracks. The images are horrific. I can't imagine all the emotion and heartache that is being felt right now...pain for the lost, pain for the injured and pain for the unknown. My prayers go out to them all. So, today I hug my family a little closer and thank God for another beautiful day he has given me. For no reason in fact. There is nothing that I did differently to ensure my today will go about normally while all those affected have watched the sunrise on a sleepless night that will turn into a chaotic day of questions with few answers. Please pray.


amandajean said...

the bridge collapse hit pretty close to home...scary stuff. (my brother in law takes that bridge to and from work...thankfully he was at home when it happened...) It puts a lot of things in perspective, doesn't it?

your recipe looks great. and nice photo, too. ;)

Linda said...

I agree with Amanda, nothing like something catastrophic to put things into perspective. My husband used to take that bridge a lot when his bosses used to own the Erbert and Gerbert's down by U of M. How many times have I myself been over it? We also have a friend who lives right down in that area. It is just really scary.

That recipe looks really yummy to me, too, but for J, well he won't touch zucchini with a ten foot pole, so I guess I won't be trying it.

Amy Jo said...

Well said Roxanne. I was devestated with the pictures on TV. I too hugged my kids a little tighter last night.

Dinner looks good - even though I'm not a fan of zucchini, it looks good!