Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Times Up!

Remember this? Nope, I didn't forget. I didn't cave and spill the beans either. He really hasn't noticed!! I told you a few weeks ago that he actually set something on top of it and STILL didn't notice. So, while I think its kind of sad my husband's surroundings are that oblivious to him, I am happy that this pretty much gives me free reign on what enters or leaves my home. He'll regret this one soon enough!

So, I went back through the comments and I am calling Breanna's vote of "never" as the official winner! Congratulations Breanna - I'll be in touch!

Now, for the rest of you...
I've decided I can no longer live in the clutter of my home and so I am getting rid of stuff. It's hard though because it is just such good stuff you know? So, to ease the blow on myself we are going to have some giveaways so my treasures can find good homes.

First up in the giveaway box is a great assortment of cards and notepads. I think I've mentioned Gopher - the amazingly strange outlet for discontinued mara-mi and Roobee paper products. Anyway, my collection is getting out of control - not to mention the fact that I have been receiving amazing cards from generous bloggers (aka Mary Ann) that I would much rather use anyway! And, I've kind of been enjoying making my own lately too. Not to mention that I will no doubt go back to Gopher one day to find new stuff! Sad, I know. It's a disease. So, leave a comment! I have enough stuff for 3 winners (seriously there's a lot!). I'll announce the winners tomorrow and hopefully will have more stuff to get rid of then!


Dana said...


I'd love to enter :) Thanks so much for the kind offer!!


amandajean said...

hurray for the cleaning out of things. I really need to do that here, and I have only lived here a week and a half...seriously, where does all this (crap) come from??? It boggles my mind!

please don't enter me in your drawing, though, as I have my own overgrown gopher stash to reckon with...even though it is currently 3 states away. :)

hope you are having a good day.

Amy Jo said...

Wow - I'm not sure what I'm more amazed at - the fact that your husband hasn't noticed the piece in your craft room - or that you're giving away such wonderful things!! Either way - good job on getting that into the house and still not having him notice, and good job on cleaning out!! I need to do that, too!

LeeAnn said...

I just blog hopped on over here through graceful designs blog roll. I always like finding another blog to ready.

I think you should paint your new filing cabnet a fun new color. Maybe he'll notice then.

Raesha D said...

I can't believe he still hasn't noticed!!! That is so funny!! I'd love to be in the drawing...I'm always excited about new paper products (though I could write a letter every day of my life and not run out of paper as it is:))

Sarah said...

Still nothing? That's impressive. And what a great way to get rid of stuff you can't throw out but won't use!