Monday, July 2, 2007

Mail Goodies

Seems like I've been slacking as a blogger lately. Sorry. I haven't been slacking as a crafter though, so I promise I have a lot to show you this week! First things first though...some special packages arrived in my mailbox!

The first is from Breanna at Graceful Designs. I won a contest on her blog and these are the awesome prizes she sent me. LOVE them all! I had the seamstress necklace on before I even got out of the car after picking up the mail. She does amazing solder work - seriously Breanna you do!! And Sydney loves her I Spy game! Thanks again Breanna!!
It was Raesha's birthday recently. I received this great package of paper goodies as a party favor! Doesn't blogland rock? Thanks Raesha! Hope you had a great birthday! This stuff will all come in handy for my class in August.
Hope to see you back here again soon!


amandajean said...

wow! what fabulous goodies! love that necklace. those scrabble tiles are great.

Vallen said...

I got my Breanna package too and was just blown away - can you believ our luck?