Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kid-Sized Purse

Last week Sydney and I were checking out the Sew Mama Sew flickr group for Bag Month. She loved all the little girl's with their purses and insisted on her own! She picked out the grey fabric and I chose the accents. This was the first time I've tried this style of bag. I glanced at a tutorial before I started, but I guess I should have paid a little more attention! Lots of problems here, but it all worked out okay in the end and most importantly Sydney loves it.

We were out of town for the weekend and still seem to be recovering around here. The laundry pile is slowly dwindling and our schedule is finally back on track. We visited Storybook Land in Aberdeen, SD. Lots of fun for the kids, and best of all it's completely free! They have everthing from the houses of the three little pigs to Bambi to a huge Wizard of Oz display and all kid-friendly. Definitely a great kid destination if you live in the area. (Above: Sydney peaking out the window of 1st little pig's straw house)


amandajean said...

love Sydney's purse! isn't that fun when they love what you make? it's the best.

Storybook Land looks awesome!

Sarah and Jack said...

That place looks like fun!