Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Giveaway #2

After looking over the paper stash again, I decided everyone from yesterday needs to be a winner! I'll be in touch to get your addresses!

Now up in the giveaway box are some purse patterns and zippers.

We'll do three winners again, this time the first three to comment win. Please let me know which pattern you prefer and what color zippers you would like (I have every color of the rainbow, only a few are pictured).


maggiegracecreates said...

Loving the "knot" of zippers in the picture. This reminds me of the stacks at my Nanny's house.

Katherine said...

Wow! Another giveaway, Roxanne? Yipeee! Let's see... any colour of zippers and the bottom pattern pictured would be my choices. ;o)

Must say I found it funny to read that your husband still hasn't noticed the filing cabinet you bought! You're right to appreciate this though, I find myself rather happy about my hubby being this way too. Except when it's something I've made and WANT him to notice.

Mary Ann said...

Throw me in the mix! And the next time you go to Gopher, pleae email me in advance. I'd like to send money to you so you can go crazy for me, too. This should alleviate some guilt:)

Ann-Margret said...

Rats... I should have popped in this morning! ;) Nice job on the top you recently posted about! :)

maggiegracecreates said...

Roxanne - I do not need more stuff. Send my package to Ann-Margaret. Thanks for you friendship