Thursday, July 19, 2007

Summer Clothes

Are you getting sick of seeing my summer wardrobe yet? Can you handle one more top?

This is from Vogue (V8392). Yep, a pattern! I used a pattern this time. Well, for the most part anyway. This was supposed to have a 2" wide collar piece around the neckline but I couldn't figure out what the pattern was talking about so I made bias tape instead. When that worked well I decided to scrap the sleeves the pattern called for and trim the armholes in bias tape too! I think I like it better than it was supposed to look anyway. The back has a hook and eye closure which is much less intimidating than a zipper, but really doesn't stay as good. The lighting in the picture isn't great, so here's a close-up of my fabric. $2.40 per yard at Wal-mart. Very nice surprise! Now, I just need to whip up some navy blue pants to match. You might have to wait a while for those!!


Linda said...

Very cute! Nelly has been getting a workout:)

Anonymous said...

it looks fantastic! keep 'em coming!


Amy Jo said...

Very cool! I'm always impressed with clothing. Don't think I'll ever get the nerve to do something for myself. I've tried for the kids, but they are not much of a critic!! As long as it has trucks on it - they're good!

Mimi said...

nice job there, the collar isnt even needed, looks great.