Thursday, June 7, 2007

Pillowcase Love

Smocket Pattern
My plan was for this to be a painting smock for Sydney. I figured what better fabric than an old pillowcase. It was just barely big enough! I will definitely be making more of these - so simple!!

Pillowcase Bag Pattern (from Martha)

Vallen had some good ideas on this pattern. She used a king size case which would extend the handle length and used bias tape on the edges. I'll be trying both of these things on the next one. This bag holds a ton of stuff - perfect for a beach bag, especially because you can just throw it in the wash when you get home!

Update: Still no winner in my 100th post giveaway! Yesterday he even set something on top of the cabinet and still didn't say anything. I really didn't think it would take this long!


Vallen said...

Super!! I'm still in the running!!!! Here's to the perceptive skills of men!!!

breanna said...

The smock is adorable! I think I am going to give that pillowcase bag a try soon. I have a hot pink king size pillowcase that is just begging to be transformed. And THANK YOU for your name suggestion! It is awesome, I absolutely love it.

Ann-Margret said...

I tried making one of those pillowcase bags on Tuesday but the pillowcase must have been too small because the handles were too short to be comfortable. I just scrapped the whole thing. :P (The pillowcase was old anyway.) I may try it again later... :)

By the way, awesome filing cabinet -- and congrats on your 100th post! Too bad I didn't notice the contest sooner. ;)

amandajean said...

love love LOVE the pillowcase smocket. Adorable.

did you line the pillowcase purse? I have been eyeing up that pattern, but I don't really want a floppy purse.

MaryAnn said...

I got my yard sale swap package this week and LOVE it! Can't wait to share it on the blog, as soon as the giveaway is over:) said...

The guy is definitely just, and there's no doubt.