Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Kid Stuff

I was cleaning out a pile in my craft room and came across a pattern for an infant hooded sweatshirt. I had cut it out last year sometime. It was pretty small - 12 months - but looked pretty big. I figured it wouldn't hurt to sew it together, if it didn't fit Sydney I would give it away. I got everything done but the hood and decided I liked it just the way it was! I added some bright floral fabric around the edge (bias tape rules!). I was really going to try adding buttons, but I couldn't find any that looked right. I went with velcro instead (behind the little tabs). I think it turned out pretty cute.
The bottom rippled edge bothers me though. I even took the time to go to my sister's house to serge the edge, but it didn't help the ripple problem much. Next time maybe I will continue the bais tape along the bottom too. Are there any other fixes out there for this problem? Anyway, its done! One more thing off my pile and a new little jacket to add to Sydney's fall wardrobe. (I decided she has plenty of summer clothes and I should get started sewing some stuff for fall/winter instead.) Better keep going while I'm on a roll!
I am very excited - tonight I am going to a watercolor class with a new friend of mine! I haven't done anything like this in a long time. Hope I have something decent to show you!! Happy Tuesday!


breanna said...

That is so sweet! I love the floral contrast. I hope you have fun at your class tonight, sounds like a perfect evening.

amandajean said...

oh, nice job, Roxy. it's adorable!

Katherine said...

Very cute! Good idea with the velcro. Always easier for a child to manage than buttons.
Have fun with your watercolour class!

Vallen said...

If you're working with stretch fabric that could be why the rippling. Sometimes if you put a piece of tissue paper on the fabric as you sew it that helps. then just tear off the tissue later. I think the sweater looks adorable and velcro is the perfect solution.

Linda said...

Very cute! Good work! I agree with Vallen that the stretchy fabric could be to blame for the rippling (which isn't nearly as bad on yours as it always seems to be on mine). I find stretch material really difficult to work with. I'll have to try Vallen's tissue paper idea the next time I get it into my head to try to sew something with it. I have also found that commercial children's patterns tend to run large. I have one pattern that the 18 months looks more like a 3T. I almost always make a size smaller than what the pattern says, otherwise it won't fit for another year!
Hope you enjoyed your watercolor class. I haven't taken any classes in a long time. It would be fun to do that again.

Sarah and Jack said...

This is very cute!