Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Sewing 099

I am, because of my own stubbornness and stupidity, mostly a self-taught sewer. I have received a couple very valuable lessons from my mom and my Grandma V in the past couple years, but prior to that I tried hard to rebel against the very specific method of sewing. Sewing in the begining was simply a means to an end for me. I knew what I wanted to create, and unfortunately there was no other way to do it other than sew. By now, I have grown up a little and accepted sewing for what it is. Not just a medium to create with, but an art form in itself. An art form that has been perfected over more years than any of us even know about. And so, when I finally break down and take the time to really learn it, it sometimes amazes me!

Last night I made bias tape. For the first time. Obviously I have heard of it before, and possibly used it (I can't really recall), but I've never made it before. Its pretty incredible stuff! I always thought it would just be a waste of want me to chop my fabric up at an angle?? There wouldn't be anthing left! Turns out, its worth it! I am currently working on an apron for Sydney that converts into a little tote bag. I'm hoping after I have perfected it a little to sell a couple and of course share the pattern with all of you guys. But, it might be a while! Anyway, bias tape is a God send on aprons! Makes them so much easier. I know what you are all thinking - Duh!, right? I guess some lessons just take this very stubborn girl a little longer than others!

In light of this epiphany, that the basics of sewing are the basics for a reason, I have decided I need to make a change. I need to slow things down. I need to enjoy the moments of sewing, not just the moments of completion. I need to learn how to do things the right way (button holes!! aahh) and take pride in each step of the process. I'm sure this will slow me down a little and you might have to bear with me through a couple more WIP posts, but I think in the long run it will teach me some valuable sewing skills, and a little lesson in patience.
Edit: I had to come back and tell you guys to check out this link. Words to live by don't you think!


amandajean said...

I think we all do this...think that the sewing rules apply to everyone but ourselves. I have had to learn things the hard way myself, then realize that yes, I did read that in a book somewhere, and I probably should have taken their advice...
glad to know that I am not the only one, though! ;)

Anonymous said...

Okay, now I know why my fabulous amazing seamstress of a Mom won't show me how to sew! I wing everything! I got a C in home economics (such a funny class name) and a D in the sewing part of the semester. And that was in sixth grade!! Thank you for your thoughts! Maybe in my old(er) age I should sit still and try! Where is my entry for today? There is "goodie" stuff!! XOXO

Vallen said...

The bias tape epiphany is a real thing. When I had it every towel and sheet in the entire house was "trimmed" Great link, too