Friday, March 9, 2007

Apron Prototype

I finally finished the apron/tote bag for Sydney. This is a prototype for some I would love to make for my Etsy shop. I have some kinks to work out first though. Sorry for the dark photos, I think I stood in front of the window when I took these!
The main idea is that the top of the apron folds down into a pocket on the back to make a tote bag. So I had to think of some way to have a loop on the front that didn't look dumb. I originally saw this idea on a vintage apron I got at an estate auction. That one has a clown on the front and the handle loop was his smile, but I'm not too big on clowns. So I figured the daisy was a good alternative. I used heat and bond on the flower then blanket stitched around it all. Added a couple pockets and a ton of bias tape (homemade of course:) and it was done! I'm thinking a boy version with a dinosaur or frog would be really fun too. I won't point out my flaws, I am sure you can zoom in and find them for yourself! But, like I said this was my first go at it. I found some things that worked well, and some things that need some improvement. Overall though I think I am pretty happy with my results.
So, one more thing I get to check off my list. No big plans for the weekend, so hopefully I can get a couple purses cranked out for the shop. I'm thinking something like this and this that I made for myself last month. We'll see though, maybe I will get a new shot of inspiration when I visit the stash!


amandajean said...

so cute roxy!

Allison said...

Roxanne, you're a sewing genius! And so very clever. It turned out really well - as an apron, and a tote. Thanks for coming back to my blog. I really appreciate it. It was nice to see you drop by. Hope you are going well.
Allie from Minneapolis

Linda said...

Very cute! Now you should make matching artist cases to put in the bag to go along with them.... just a thought... lol

Vallen said...

This project is terrific. I love your inventiveness. Guess who's showing off her new handbag today?