Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Postal Love

I've been getting a ton of love from my postal worker lately!! Haven't you just been loving all the giveaways out here lately? MaryAnn is still going strong with hers, better check it out! I won some really cool metallic paper from her, and some awesome cards and gift tags from Amy. Thanks Ladies! Then I received a Christmas in Progress package from Teresa. Have you checked out her adorable birds? I didn't win her giveaway, but I got one anyway! Thanks Teresa - you're the best! I think Sydney and I are going to have to make some of these (I'll cut them out, she'll color...I don't think we are ready for glitter yet. But soon!). She loves to watch the birds out our patio door. They are really starting to migrate back up here already...don't they know its still cold! When we go for walks outside she stops as soon as she hears birds and starts "beeping" back at them. Normal birds tweet, Sydney beeps! Pretty cute stuff.
Sorry, I got distracted for a second there... I also received my order from The Black Apple. I gave in last week and ordered Cold Toes Warm Heart in the postcard pack. I love that picture and figured the postcards were the most economical choice.
Hopefully will get some actual crafting done today. See you soon!


david santos said...

This work is very good. Thank you
Good day

maggiegracecreates said...

Hey girlie - emily (aka black apple) lives near where I work. she is one of the few bloggers I have spoken with for real. and she is every bit as wonderful as her blog would lead you to believe. i have tried to buy a duncie dool the last three updates and missed them. Maybe i'll get one at the sale she will be doing here at christmas.

I am glad you will enjoy your package. hopefully you and little bit can make her some really cute birdies.

amandajean said...

wow...great mail! I love the black apple artwork (nice choice, by the way)...but I just haven't let myself indulge...yet. I am so excited that we will be seeing you soon.

becki said...

Wow!! Looks like you really have been getting some cool stuff!! I also really love the things you found while thrifting!! You really have the eye for treasures!!