Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekend Recap

Thank you all for your sweet comments on my before + afters. I love that you guys love this stuff too! I'm making my best effort to reply to all the comments, but by now you know how much I stink at that so let me just say thank you. You motivated me to get several more B+A's done this weekend which I am super excited about sharing with you.

First though I have to show off my girl! Here she is in her new dress. (It looks much better with no shirt underneath but it was a little chilly here yesterday for that.)

We spent a fun afternoon at the zoo to celebrate Mother's Day. Here are just a couple of my favorite shots from the day.

I hope you all had a special Mother's Day as well. See you tomorrow with a shocking before and after!!


amandajean said...

she looks great in her dress! I need to try that before and after sometime. can't wait to see the shocking before and after.

happy belated mother's day.

Katherine said...

Oh, Sydney looks adorable in her new dress! Such a clever project.

Looks like you had a lovely Mother's Day!