Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Calling all Fabric Designers

I would like some of this please.

In a nice soft cotton.

In several color ways.


(Photos of a small vintage tablecloth purchased at a garage sale for $1.)


becki said...

What a good find!!!How often do you hit garage sales? I find it very addicting and I wonder if I am the only one with that problem!!

Vallen said...

Wouldn't that be delightful? I would like lots of new fabrics. Mostly cute like this, some 100% woven gingham in every color, too and nothing Amy Butleresque, because I'm sick of it. I mean since your sending out the call.

Katherine said...

Oh! This is lovely, Roxanne. Great score! It would be wonderful if sweet prints like this were back on the market.

Amy Jo said...

very cute!

Shannon said...

That is so cute, you have the BEST luck I have ever seen at garage sales! So what are you going to do with the table cloth?

amandajean said...

you are so cute.