Monday, May 19, 2008

Favorite Friday on a Monday

I've learned something from my time at home with Sydney. Mondays suck regardless of your job. Whether you get up and leave the house, or you mope around in your pj's all day, a Monday is still a Monday. I thought I would share my Favorite Friday today, since I obviously missed Friday, and maybe some Friday will rub off on a Monday and make it seem a little more fun.

So, my favorite for today is great mail from Katherine! We did a little vintage sheet swap and I adore what she sent me!

The most amazing smelling lavender, and some goodies for Sydney. (Sydney is head over heals for this doll. She calls her Rosie and sleeps with her every night. So cute!!)

And here of course is my sheet pile! I love them all and can't wait to cut into them. We exchanged 1/2 yard cuts which is great because she already cut into the sheet for me. The first cut is always the hardest!

And this great fabric card. You know Katherine can make something amazing out of the tiniest piece of scrap. There was also the cutest little patchwork pouch that I somehow forgot to photograph. It's been put to use already in my purse. And this fun paper kit that Katherine picked up thrifting and thought I would put to use - I definitely will! Looks like fun!

Thanks again Katherine!!


Amy Jo said...

Love the goodies! That fabric card is fantastic!!

amandajean said...

I agree, mondays suck no matter what your job is. :)

and what a great package from sweet katherine. I'd expect nothing less from her. there are some wonderful vintage sheets there...and yes, the first cut (into any fabric, I think) is the hardest!

Hello, I'm Sally. said...

I totally know what you are saying, Mondays are tough! Sometimes even harder with kids, I think.

What a fun package to get you through it!

Katherine said...

I hear you on Mondays being the toughest to get through - although this week Monday was part of a long weekend. That means it was a great day for us ;o)

I'm so glad you like what I sent, Roxanne. I had so much fun swapping with you! I'm already ahead of you in using some of the vintage sheet pieces you sent. Funny isn't it, that the first cut into those sheets is the hardest?