Friday, January 25, 2008

Our Mornings - In Pictures

The ingredients may change, but our mornings are always the same.
I fix Sydney's breakfast of choice.

I fix my own breakfast.

Sydney eats my breakfast.

And I eat hers.

Everyday. And everyday I think it's going to change and it doesn't. 2 year olds are strange beings.


Stephanie said...

WHat is that anyway? I dont recognize it (be nice Im a Southern Girl hehe)

amandajean said...

your post made me smile. :)

Vallen said...

Contrary - that's just how 2-year olds are and you can't help but love 'em nonetheless

Megan Nichols said...

You could both eat the same thing lol.

This post warms my heart.

Em said...

That's funny! I have started just making everyone the same thing, and they either eat it or go hungry in my house. It's healthy food or no food... except sometimes on the weekends, DH takes the kids to the local donut shop for breakfast... a treat. Em