Sunday, January 6, 2008

Guy Bags

I made a couple of these little fabric bags this week loosely following this pattern, but much smaller.

They were extremely easy and fun and a great way to use some wild fabric in a small dose.

One of these was for a gift, the other for Sydney. Perfect for holding a family of "guys".

P.S. Thanks for all your complements on my new purse! I am still loving it...but the haircut not as much. Why is it always so much better when they fix it at the salon than when you do it yourself at home?


Amy Jo said...

Great bag - and I checked out the tutorial - doesn't look so bad. I might have to give it a try. We have lots of "guys" at my house - only they are in the shape of Star Wars characters! Happy Weekend, roxanne!

ismoyo said...

Cute little bag, love the fabric you used for it too. Looks verry pretty!

amandajean said...

cute cute! I heart that fabric!!!!

Vallen said...

Great Idea - every girl needs a guy bag (or two)

Katherine said...

Sweet idea to organizing the "guys". Organizing never looked so pretty! Must ask if that fabric is vintage?

Heh, heh. I hear you about the haircut that looks great until you try to duplicate the styling at home. I recently went from almost waist length hair to a length just below my shoulders. Glad I had my DH take before the cut and after the cut pictures. Now I know how good my hair can look... if I'm willing to take the time the stylist did ;o)

becki said...

So cute!! How random that your background fabric is the same fabric I used in the baby quilt for my new niece or nephew!! What a small world!