Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Valentine's In Progress

There is so much amazing Valentine inspiration out there ... too much maybe! I can't make up my mind on anything. When I do get a decent idea, I have to remind myself that I already have a ton of paper, etc. and don't need to buy more stuff to make these! So, instead, I sacrificed some invitations to a nonexistent party (yes, Amanda, they are from Gopher!) and made these. I am not the talented card maker that many of you are, but they get the point across!

You may have heard Amanda and I joke back and forth about "Gopher". It is a very strange store in MN that has supplied my paper habit for several years now. I am planning a trip there in conjunction with a trip to Minneapolis in a couple weeks. I think Gopher will get a post all its own after that!

I have also made a couple of these sour cream container valentines. Have you seen these? So easy and very cute I think!

And of course, my favorite valentine of all! Here's hoping Cupids arrows are pointing your way!


Vallen said...

You had all the ideas. That's what happend. They were all stuck up there in Fargo. And you had very good ideas I see. The sour cream containers are adorable.

becki said...

Super super cute valentines!!! I'm not much of a romantic, so I'm stumped as to what to do for my husband. His 30th birthday is today, so it's super hard to think 2 surprises for him.

I'm looking forward to the trip to the cities! We are for surely hitting Ikea too..I would like to go to Anthropologie too, but don't have a clue where it is at. I think we are going to hit some outlet malls too! I'm super excited for this trip!!

amandajean said...

the link to the site with the sour cream container idea is great!!! I may have to try that out with my boys...although I don't have a crimper.

Your valentines are very nice! Good idea to use the invites. They are always so cute, but how many parties can one girl throw?

Hope it is warming up there!
And I heart fabric, too. :)

Raesha D said...

Very cute!!! I love the cards and the containers:) And where did you get those candy hearts? Those are awesome!

MaryAnn said...

Oh! I love that candy heart maker:) I spent WAY too much time on that site last year! It forces you to be creative, doesn't it?