Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Care for some alphabet soup?

I have been loving these letters from Anthropologie for a while now. I was excited to see them in person a couple weeks ago during my trip to Minneapolis. However, I was slightly disappointed. (Only in the letters, otherwise, awesome store!)

In my head these were stuffed and soft and ready to play. In reality they are fabric covered mdf with a little quilt batting (not to mention they are $12 a pop). So, I think I will try to fashion my own version. I'm just trying to figure out what to fill them with. Should I do a couple layers of really thick quilt batting? Or the standard poly-fill? Or maybe rice so they have more of a bean bag feel? Just can't decide...what do you guys think?

I think I will start with just A, B, and C first, then maybe spell out Sydney's name (shoot, should have picked a shorter name for the kid!). Actually, I could just make a B and the kiddo would be happy. Its the only letter she can say, so everything is a B. At least then she would be right!!


amandajean said...

I would try using a couple of layers of would probably be the easiest, and give you the most uniform look. They are really cute letters. Can't wait to see your version of them.

MaryAnn said...

So if I admit that I bought these when they were in browns a couple years ago, would you still love me?

Tallyhoney said...

I say use quilting batting... the all natural cotton kind. Shoot it is like $12/yard, but a yard is HUGE. I keep some around for all kinds of things..

I want to do this as well... I just have not sat down and made templates.

I am in love with all of your purses... I just wish I had the time to make a bunch!


Vallen said...

How about foam rubber, then they would be stuffed and soft and ready to play.

little lovelies said...

Oh you could make those, easy peasy, dear! Everyone has perfect ideas, do what they say! ;)