Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hope your hearts are warm and your stomachs full of chocolate today! That is the whole point right, chocolate! No big plans for me and my Valentines today. Its pretty insane to try and go out today so I think we will stay in and have a special meal at home instead. I'm thinking shrimp scampi with some sort of pasta side dish and of course chocolate something or other for dessert.

Its kind of fun with a little one around to look back at pictures from last year. Here is Sydney giving her Daddy a big smooch. Check out the death grip of love!! I sent this picture out last year as part of our V-day cards.

And here is my current trim girl. She loves it when I go to the trim store and bring home more pretties to wear around the house. How can I resist?

Now a little WIP...sorry, not much getting completed around here. My sister requested a new bag for our trip to Minneapolis this weekend. (I'm sure by now you wish I would just go and get it over with so you don't have to keep hearing about it! Soon, soon). She is rather particular, or specific (PICKY) when it comes to these types of things. She knows what she wants, which is good, but getting there can be difficult. And, since she is a much far superior sewer than me, can you imagine that this can be a bit annoying? Hehehe, just kidding, I love ya Beck. Even though you probably aren't reading this...I hope it makes your ears ring or something. ANYWAY...she wanted a bag with lots of pockets and compartments for the oodles of crap she lugs around, but of course the bag could not be mishapen on the outside. So I dug out some heavy red canvas, and my thickest interfacing - no iron on stuff here, this stuff is thick! I rather dislike making pockets. They seem time consuming and fussy and I really don't think people use them that much. I had seen this idea a few weeks back and decided to try a variation for the bag. I took some old jeans I had gotten from my neice (probably girls size 6? Obviously you need a pretty small size for this. LOL ...the butt of my jeans alone could full up several purses!!!). I cut them apart and sewed them to the lining and ta-da! Tons of pockets for all sorts of stuff. Plus it really adds to stability of the bag. Hopefully I will find some time to get some handles on it.

So, you've made it all the way down here? You have endured kid pictures, half done craft projects, and all sorts of miscellaneous rambling? Well then, I think you deserve a prize! Leave me a comment with the color or color combo you are currently crazy about and tomorrow I'll draw names. The winner will receive my next purse creation, yet to be discovered! Thanks for reading my little ol' blog. I love you guys!!


maggiegracecreates said...

Hey girlie - right now I am crazy focused on black white and chrome. Why?? Planning my show booth for our local home show and I am taking white fixtures. Chrome faucets. and Planning a black and white background. I tend to get a little color obsessed when I do these things.

Vallen said...

Pick me, pick me. I like navy and beige. Pick me!!!
This is, as are allof yours, a terrific idea!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Roxanne! What a great day to discover your blog! I am excited to meet you and say thanks for the tag bag purchase! I am sending it off today! Chat with you soon! Oh, if I was a lucky winner I would choose pink, black, white or anything neutral! Thanks!!

MaryAnn said...

What a fun surprise at the end of your blog! I choose robin's egg blue and deep chocolate brown!

amandajean said...

I had a friend over the Mon. night and she brought her knitting stuff in a little bucket that she made, as seen on the diy network (same link as you have here). It was awfully cute! I may just have to try one of those.
I love what you have going on with that red purse....it looks great. What are you going to use for handles?

And if I'm not too late, my color combo would be pink + brown. :)

becki said...

that's very nice of you!! I'm crazy about pink and orange right now, don't know what it is about it!! I really really love how you used jeans for the pockets in the lining of your purse, very creative!! And yes, I did start an etsy store..I haven't put anything in it yet, but I figured just opening that would get me motivated! I can't wait til you open one of your own, you have too many cool ideas!!! Happy Valentine's Day!