Monday, January 19, 2009

Silhouette Projects

So I am finally getting the hang of my new Silhouette cutter. The software definitely has a learning curve, but once I get it all figured out the possibilities will be endless I think. I joined a Yahoo Group dedicated just to the Silhouette. They have so much practical advice and instructions on there, I think I would be lost without them. I've only gotten some smaller projects done so far, but they were really fun!
Here is a card I made, just to see if I could get the coffee cup to work. (It's a clip art image from Microsoft.)
Then I decided I wanted to start a family journal for this year. We certainly couldn't use any old plain notebook, right?I got the idea for a family journal from another blog but forgive me, I haven't a clue which one anymore. It sits on our dining room table ready for pictures, some words about our day, lists, funny stuff Sydney says, etc. Scrapbooks never seem to get done around here so I thought this could be a stress free way to document our year.
Hopefully more cut projects to come!


Stephanie said...

I love the idea of a family journal!

Taryn said...

Looks like you're getting the machine figured out quite nicely.

amandajean said...

great idea for the family journal! and isn't it nice to have found a group to help you along with your new machine? i love the internet for things like that!!!

Melissa Haworth said...

i love this idea; thanks for posting!

(and my password phrase is: rednestl Kinda cool!)

Breanna said...

Cute! I wish we were neighbors so we could share crafty machines.

(and my password phrase is mousec- maybe he's living in Melissa's red nestl) said...

Pretty helpful info, much thanks for the article.