Wednesday, July 30, 2008

recover & plan

It always takes us a while to recover from a weekend away. We had a great time at the lake. Perfect weather, perfect location, we couldn't ask for more. (Well except less mosquitoes, but it's July in Minnesota. Kinda comes with the territory.)

And now I'm planning for our next trip. We are having Sydney's birthday party at the lake in a couple of weeks. I asked her what kind of party she wanted...princess, pirates, beach party. And her reply? "I want a polka-dot party mom." What more could a mother ask for?


Hello, I'm Sally. said...

I love polka-dots! What fun! Happy Birthday Sydney!

Taryn said...

That sounds great and I love the invites!!

amandajean said...

she's my kind of girl!!! I love the invitations. they are superb.