Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Farmer Bill

Another great trip to the farmer's market today. We go at least once a week to see Bill. Farmer Bill is kind and quiet, the way I imagine all farmers to be. (Granted I've known a lot of farmers and several have been neither kind nor quiet, but in my head that's how they all should be. Patient and kind and gentle with an appreciation for all the things God created.)

I love the different shades of green. And check out the all-natural shine on that pepper. No nasty wax here!

Sydney and I talk about Bill like he's an old friend that grows veggies just for us. In reality we say good morning and thank you and that's about it. (His name is on his sign!) But secretly we love him and hope our few dollars keeps him coming back every week. See you on Thursday Bill. Save us some peas.

P.S. I guess I'm all about telling secrets today...check this out. The epitome of hypocrisy. Fresh veggies set out for a photo and the Easy Mac my kid ate for lunch. Sad, but true. I'm trying though folks. Sometimes I swear they fill those blue boxes with crack. How do kids get hooked on mac and cheese so fast?


Katherine said...

Farmer Bill certainly has a way with veggies. All those veggies look so good!

hee hee... I know exactly what you mean, Roxanne. My guys love mac & cheese too and would choose it over veggies more often than not.

amandajean said...

I have the opposite problem...I think my kids are getting sick of mac and cheese...and it scares me to my core! farmer bill's veggies look delightful.

Vallen said...

My grandson was tickled when he came over for lunch today and I made the Blue Box. They never outgrow the love for mac and cheese

Anonymous said...

I think it's funny that you Americans call it mac and cheese. Here in Canada it's Kraft Dinner. :)

I had a lovely time with your mom today, Roxanne! (Actually, my parents did, too.) I'm sure she'll tell you all about it soon!