Thursday, July 24, 2008

my sweet girls

a gift from my grandma

We are heading to the lake for a long weekend. I am so looking forward to lounging by the water, eating good food, knitting, reading, maybe even a nap or two. And my favorite quilt store is on the way!


raining sheep said...

I love those dolls! it made me realize that when I was little, many eons ago :) I had a set of those in reds and yellows. We called them babushka dolls.

Linda said...

Those are so cute! My friend brought me a set of them from Belarus when she came home from mission work there. They are at my mom's house right now since she has a curio cabinet and I don't. :)

Katherine said...

Such beauties, Roxanne! I have admired these dolls since I was a little girl, yours are so sweet.

Have a wonderful time at the lake. Enjoy your long weekend!

amandajean said...

have fun at the lake! and enjoy the fabric store for me!!!

Kristin said...

Oh I hope you enjoy yourself! It is such a treat to get to go to the lake. :) Love your "girls" too - so sweet!!

~Reclaiming The Home