Tuesday, April 17, 2007

a proper introduction

I've finally decided! I would like to officially introduce you to Nellie!

My friend Sara e-mailed in the name. I was really torn for a while, but I think it is perfect. However, I do have a little surprise!! I waited to tell you about this other beauty I scored for only $2! I would like to also introduce you to Veronica!

Sara and Dana are the winners! Ladies, please let me know (via comment or e-mail) what your prefered color is for a bag.

You may also notice that Nellie is sporting a new bag. I was inspired by a bag a friend of mine had purchased and decided to try and make up a pattern for it. It needs some fine tuning, but it worked out pretty well.


amandajean said...

well, what lovely names you picked out!

nice bag, as usual!!!

amandajean said...

oh, and I meant to tell you, also, that you SHOULD make a little doll quilt. It is a great way to start quilting and it is an easy project to complete. c'mon, take the plunge!!!