Monday, April 9, 2007

Library Tote

I bought this fabric a couple weeks ago. Our Hancock Fabric's is going out of business, so I got it for 60% off! I'm so glad I stocked up on it, because I'm already thinking of several more items I would like to use it for.

Last night I was in the mood for something quick, so I whipped up a library tote for me and Sydney to use. Going to the library with a small child means grabbing anything that looks remotely interesting and trying to run after your kid before every book in the whole place is pulled off the shelf. So, a rather large tote was in order! Nothing fancy lining, pockets, nothing. Just some really sturdy handles. Also works good for never ending knitting projects, which it is holding in this picture. (On a side note, I am never going to knit anything on needles smaller than a 10, it takes forever!!)

I hope you all had a heart warming Easter and that Spring is actually happening where you are. We are enjoying one last hurrah with winter around here. But, it has motivated me to do a little more spring cleaning since its not very fun to be outside yet. Things have been a little crazy around here with the holiday and traveling and snow storms, but everything should be back to normal this week...whatever that is!


Vallen said...

That fabric says springtime like nothing else. Good thing you bought lots!!

Natasha said...

Great fabric, though I hate to hear of fabric stores closing, seems to be a trend! So sad. Enjoy your spring cleaning!!

amandajean said...

I love your new library tote. what great fabric! it looks fabulous.

I went to the library today without a tote bag, thinking I wouldn't need it. ha ha ha...what was I thinking??? 18 books later I was carrying abby in one arm and a carseat full of books in the other arm, parker walking along beside. I am sure we made quite a picture! I guess carseats come in handy when you least expect!

we are loving our lunch trays. thanks for picking them up for us. of course we are eating more than ever because each compartment has to hold something...;) meal times have never been so fun! thanks for all the loot...we appreciate all of our new goodies.

Felicia said...

LOL Your library tote is terrific!