Tuesday, September 2, 2008


September 2nd already. Wow. I was hoping Summer wouldn't have to be over for us just because school was starting, but it seems the weather has had other ideas. The high today was in the 60's. Fall is definitely on it's way. Seems like Summer just arrived, but whatever. I'm always game for pulling out the sweaters and covering up some skin.

[cool old building along the river. check out the river height marked on the side.]

I've been thinking a lot lately about trying to get my act together around here. You know the usual stuff...organized house that stays clean, a plan for meals (which includes buying the food and actually making it), creating more, working out, losing weight. I'm sure you all know the drill. I feel myself starting to lose it around here and it's time to refocus.

[Must three-year olds hop everywhere they go?]

Loved this post today. I think every month should be creative month, but you have to start somewhere, right? Her comments on not feeling creative made me think back to a kid's show Sydney was watching this morning on PBS. The guy on the show was painting a picture and when he finished he said "and remember, as long as it comes from the heart it's art!" Love it!!

[Our favorite little market. (That's Farmer Bill in the back in the grey sweatshirt!)]

To jump start my creativity a little I took my camera with today when we went to get veggies at the market. The farmer's market we go to is set up right beside the river that runs through town. It has been become tradition this summer that after we buy our food we head down to the river to throw rocks and possibly walk across the bridge (when the water is too high they remove it.) Spread throughout this post are some of my favorite shots from today.

[A grey day on the Red.]


Amy Jo said...

I know what you mean Roxanne. I am feeling the "starting to lose it" feeling, and hoping that the schedule of school will help. there is nothing I like more that schedules and organized life.

I'm with you on the refocusing. Create with what I have - purchase less - focus on family and keeping it together!

Now I just have to learn to execute the plan! :-)

Breanna said...

I can't believe it is September and the leaves are changing...I am right there with you with needing to regain some control. Now that school has started I am hoping to make some progress.

amandajean said...

roxy, I love the reflective mood of this post. I also love the fresh beginning that september brings. with 2 boys in school today (how did that happen so fast?!?!?!) I am hoping to straighten up my day to day schedule a great deal, too. and I almost got my inspiration board done. woo-hoo!!!

have a great day, friend.

Taryn said...

I also feel the need to get things 'back on track'. I'm with you there for sure. I love the pictures and I've started carrying my little camera with me all the time....if only I could remember to take it out and use it, even for the seemingly ordinary. :0)

Hello, I'm Sally. said...

I think the feeling is unanimous! Summer is great, but I feel the need for organization and schedule too. Although, these next few weeks are going to be tough getting used to our new schedule.

My question is: Must 5 year-olds always scream? Maybe its just my 5 year old, but it is nerve racking!

Nice pics!

Katherine said...

I agree that it must be something about this time of year that gets us all thinking that way, Roxanne. I wonder if it has anything to do with the marked changing of the seasons? You last picture is a slice of each day of Sept. here (we have had sun too, but the clouds seem to appear each day for varying periods as well).

Best wishes for a creative and enjoyable weekend!

Raesha D said...

I'll join you too in getting our acts together:) Please share any great ideas you come up with cause I am sorely in need of great ideas.

Linda said...

Where did the summer go? All of a sudden it really feels like fall around here, too!

I chose you for an award over at my blog. I hope you'll stop by and check it out!

Kristin said...

What a lovely day, and I am *LOVING* that you are reaching into your life to find creativity rather than looking externally for inspiration. Simply beautiful. :)

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