Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sweet Little Sweater Slippers

These sweet little slippers were made using Joanna's pattern at Stardust Shoes. I made them quite a bit smaller with the hopes they would still fit this little guy this winter. They are made from felted sweater (of course) and some leftover plaid from the stash. They are so sweet and easy to make, these are definitely going to be my go-to gift for babies.

I'm hoping Becki has received them already, otherwise - surprise Becki & congratulations!!

P.S. Because of the thickness of the wool and because I intended for these to be slippers for a very small baby, I skipped a lot of the extra layers that were called for in the pattern. These are made with just the wool and the plaid fabric - no interfacing and no fancy fabric for the soles.


amandajean said...

these are so sweet Roxy!

Vallen said...

These are adorable. I have it on good authority that Mary Ann would like some, too.

becki said...

Thank you so much for the awesome gift Roxane!! Maxton loves his new slippers..he has worn them everyday since he got them! I love all your work! I'm also loving my necklace..it was too perfect for me since my husband is an electrician!! Thanks again!!

Katherine said...

So adorable, Roxanne! These will definitely keep little toes toasty this winter.